Sardinia : goodbye my shepard!

Since many years after having had a relaxing time on the Sardinian beach I used to drive until this simple big farmhouse near Paradise coast to buy the best sheep cheese ever tasted!
This time ,as in October I will lead a group from California in Sardinia & would love to visit him I’ve asked if he will be open in October : told me he will be open until December only as after 35 years of this hard job he is tired & wants to stop making cheese & looking after sheep.
None of his sons want to keep on his job & so, he will stop making this good sheep cheese & ricotta.
So sorry to hear this so I bought a lot of cheese to keep with me as longer as possible.
As soon as I arrived at home I tasted it paired with Vermentino fresh grapes, carasau crunchy bread & of course a cold glass of delicious Vermentino wine …so yummy!!
This is his simple shop & I took also a picture of him when he didn’t looked at me😉











2 thoughts on “Sardinia : goodbye my shepard!

  1. So sad….we have seen restaurants, shops, and local family owned businesses close over the last 5 or 6 years…Always sad to see them go. Especially when you have the personal relationships that have developed over time.

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