What is focaccia ? The best ways to taste it !

As many Tuscan & Italian typical specialities this is a very simple one .

What is it?
A kind of white pizza ( flour ,yeast , water , salt )just topped with extra virgin oil & some salt before putting into the oven😉can be thin & crunchy or thick & soft or crispy outside & soft inside.

Its different names :
place you go digferent name to call it : in Pistoia is calles COFACCINO or COFACCIA or SCHIACCIATA in Florence they call it COVACCINO in Lucca SCHIACCIA

When to eat :
It is a pass-par-tout kind of food ! it’s a typical breakfast at school for any children of any age , for adults too , as it is or filled with mortadella, or ham , perfect for lunch instead of bread ,
with aperitivo , cut in small pieces , for dinner along with mature or fresh cheese as stracchino & vegetables or salami & ham.

Where to buy :
bakery , supermarket, coffe bar ,pizzeria cafés

In which season :
any season is fine

How to prefer it :
fantastic warm , taste it just out from the oven smelling the scent 😌😌😋

So don’t miss to stop in a bakery & buy some when you are travelling in Tuscany, the scent of it will stay in your nose & memory forever!









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