Harvest in Tuscany : stomping grapes with bare feet

Such a great sensational experience by Agriturismo Le Poggiola
just few Km from Pistoia the feeling of freshness,the scent of sweet fruits,lots of memories about those who did this before us in the countryside since centuries….our origins come from the ground and this is our traditional way of making wine:our grangrandparents did this way and my father too still remember these happy moments during the harvest on the Tuscan hills.
Wine is not only a drink for us , it is part of our life, a symbol of wellbeing and satisfation at the end of a working day or to celebrate a special occasion.
How can you forget such a relaxing and sensorial experience? Impossibile …flovours stay in your mind forever and also the great peeling on your feet is so cool!
Have a look how much these American ladies loved doing it….and me too





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