Portrait of a pastry : ever seen how to make a “pain aux raisins”in a patisserie?

Ever been inside a laboratory & see how they make your tasty breakfast pastries?

that’s what I did in my town,Pistoia, last morning : visited one of my fav patisserie but ,this time , on the “backstage”as I used to call it 😉the other side of the moon 🌝🌚maybe I  should say ,where you can see how they make your delicious breakfast rolls.

This is Eugenia ,the owner & chef of “Pasticceria Belvedere” ( that means viewpoint ) at work early in the morning prepearing fresh handmade cakes & brioches , croissants ,biscuits ,sfogliatelle for her clients with top quality ingredients as real butter !👍😉and of  course you   can taste it👏








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