Portrait of a Tuscan porcino mushroom

Can’t resist to take pictures of this magnificent mushroom !

These scented funghi ,  as we call them in Italian, are so good when are from our local mountains just around my birthtown Pistoia.

Some friends of mine can recognize which one are good & edible & usually find them & give me as a present as they know how much I love them😋😋😋

Very good fried or used as sauce for pasta or risotto in this case I used fettuccine handmade from Le Marche region, delicious👏👏👍just let them fry with some extra virgin oil, garlic,chilli & some white wine for few minutes & a bit of salt then put together with the pasta: your lunch is done😉🔝🔝

Zero time

zero effort

zero capability in cooking

just try & let me know




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