MadeinPistoia : ever tried migliacci?a special kind of crêpe made of…blood!

My grand-grandmother Inès   used to prepear these at home during  autumn season when in Pistoia’s  countryside farmers killed pigs to make sausages,ham,ciccioli,salame & ….these original kind of crêpes made of pig’s blood .

In Italy we have a saying : “del maiale non si butta niente! ” in English :We use all parts of the pig, we dont’t throw anything away!

 I think this is the real proof : every piece of this animal can be eaten  or used for other purpose but nothing – ncluding the hard fur – is through away.

The first time I tried them I didn’t know of what they were made of ….think  nobody would like to know the main ingredient is something only vampires used to eat  ! my mother just said : let’s go to see grand-ma & try her migliacci 😃😃& so I did : no question , just smelling a good aroma coming from her home stairs .

I still remember the old black iron pan she used for making them , the scent of a small quantity of pig’s  lard frying on the pan & … a big bowl with a deep bordeaux mix with some white spots that were pinenuts.

She put the mixture on the pan with a big spoon & turned it around until  it became a big dark brown full moon  & then turn it on the other side.

Then on a plate , adding some white sugar rolling  as a crêpe & voilà 😉👍 ready to taste!

The taste was sweet & bit spicy – hot , consistency soft & light : nobody could understand that is fresh pork blood + pork broth + some flour + cinnamon or lemon peel & pinenuts & raisins ( (but the two last ingredients are optional , depending   of the personal receipe)

Many people love them  with Parmesan cheese  instead of  sugar but I have never tried this way, for me they are sweet crêpes for an afternoon break in front of the fireplace😉😃

Found migliacci today in shop & wanted to taste them again…so many memories into my mind , my grand-grandma is no more here since many years but this food experience made with her will always  survive in me ❤️

For me Food is not just eating but remembering , sharing with others my memories , feel like a child again just tasting a strange kind of crêpe my daughter didn’t dare to try today but maybe next time… after reading this post, who knows?

& what aboit yoi? ever tried? if you visit Pistoia you can easily find them in some  butchers shop or norcini ( that sells pig’s meat only ).

Trust me ,they are excellent!

migliaccio with sugar


4 thoughts on “MadeinPistoia : ever tried migliacci?a special kind of crêpe made of…blood!

    1. Thank you darling! ❤️😍❤️So happy you can learn something new coming just from my birthplace that is so small but filled with interesting stories to tell about food traditions☺️☺️Grazie !

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