Sardinia’s heart : Orgosolo , no seaside… but murales!

Have you ever heard about this part of Sardinia island?

It is just in the middle of the island near the beautiful town of  Nuoro and  Cala Gonone,  on  the  coast with its  stunning clifts on the emerald sea.

I’ve been here to visit a friend who lives here  and I loved Orgosolo , the main town of Barbagia area , to know more  :   because here you can still meet typical Sardinian old ladies dressed with the black long skirt  and CIMG4065 CIMG4087 DSCN1371 CIMG4124 CIMG4138CIMG4126 black foulard covering their head, men in the street horsing…and  the murales ……they are really amazing !

With slogans about peace &  …  land to the famers , stop the war !CIMG4133

DSCN1395 CIMG4129This is the true Sardinia where most of the  locals  live until more than 100 years old in good DSCN1386CIMG4101DSCN1389 health  & most of all, happy!

That’s why some Universities started studing this aspect of such a long life..maybe it’s the clima or the fact they stayed for many centuries without having contacts with other people.

Maybe they nature hasn’t been contaminated by others…

I will be there again soon soooo some new picts to come !
CIMG4121 CIMG4128 CIMG4094 DSCN1358CIMG4103CIMG4139

To read more about this area visit :


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