Made in Pistoia : seasonal fruits”loto” & “giuggiole”

In Italian these orange beautiful tasty fruits with  thin peel are called Kaki or cachi but in my area we call them Loti as lotus , the flower.

My grandmother used to offer this since I was a baby girl & telling me that it was filled with little toungues & in fact you can feel them when you eat them.

“In one loto you can find the same energy than in a whole egg!”  my grandmother used to tell me, so as I didn’t like to eat at all , at least this fruit has to be  eaten, right??😂😂😂

Love the colour & the taste & its texture so soft but at the same time a thick pulp. They announce the autumn  & remind me childhood , again.

Giuggiole are very different : hard & green when not mature  & tannic, brown & sweet when you can pick them up from the ground .

Their taste is so special that usually people dislike them but I really love them very much as they are chruncy  and sweet & are simple fruit,difficult to find on sale but you can look for them in the countryside.

In Italy we have a saying : ” andare in brodo di giuggiole” that means “melting in giuggiole broth” to say that we love something a lot as the giuggiola broth is very very delicious.

Never tried it but maybe one day if I found a lot I could try to make it at home & than let  you know, at the present never had so many to bring home : I eat them immediately  as I do for figs & cherries!

Enjoy my picts : ever tried or seen giuggiole in your Country?

In my region some people didnt know them at all…😱😱😱😱


Loto or kaki or persimmon


A giuggiola on the plant

 Giuggiole tree


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