London to me : missing a city as a person,is it possible ?

I would like to ask you if you miss,  sometime or very often ☺️, a city as much as I miss London.

To me it is a kind of nostalghia or , as I learned in Portugal , the “saudade”

a strange , deep feeling inside your stomac, in your heart  growing every day a bit more until it reaches your throat & hurts you

usually starts in the morning with the first cup of tea remembering those hot cups sipped in glam coffeeshops or  by Fortunm & Mason , in cosy old tea rooms & the mind start going …. crossing the streets I know as those  here in my birthplace Pistoia , walking in Green Park , stopping on a wood bench reading TimeOut & looking for a concert to listen to in a pub tonight …

a very normal life of a Londoner as I want to feel as a local again , not a tourist , as I was when I lived there for almost a year in 1983-84 working and studying there & dreaming about my future.

London : a world of opportunities ,  if you want to change your life, make new experiences , have a different life , just leave everything here & fly away!

That’s what I did when I was 20 & could  never forget the feeling of being part of a world that changes every seconds but it is still the same since centuries, if I close my eyes everything is here again, inside me

perfectly untouched  : a broken dream  to be remade one day & everytime I fly there everything seems to start again for me

a new start , a new beginning

so sweet, so funny this morning my daughter told me : mamma , I miss London so much !it’s such a long  time I didn’t see it ….when are we leaving?

happy to see how such a deep feeling can be passed from heart to heart from mother to daughter as an illness or …a blessing? 😊😍👍

Enjoy some of my picts from my last trip ,about one year ago , and yes , definitely it’s time  to go back & breath !



9 thoughts on “London to me : missing a city as a person,is it possible ?

      1. I’ve visited London for the first time 10 years ago when I passed 3 weeks there with a friend…and I was falling in love day after day
        Since that moment I try to go there once a year and as soon as I get off the plane I feel at home!!!


      2. Me too!!! do you know when I touch earth in London airport ..I smile?? & feel at home, yes this is the the feeling, everytime I am back it always welcomes me with its streets, gardens,museums,squares,Covent Garden, pubs an people!!

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