How to make the real “bruschetta” with just pressed Tuscan new extra virgin oil 

My grandfather Dino    was used to say : “the simplest it is the best it  tastes ” if the ingredients are top quality  , I should add nowadays…

This is the same for the real Tuscan bruschetta: no chopped tomato! just a toasted slice of Tuscan unsalted bread , extra virgin olive oil , a bit of garlic, a pinch of salt and..that’s all!

When the oil is just pressed as today , it is an unforgettable taste, so pure,so simple , so precious and at the same time so filled with many different tastes when meets  your mouth ….

I prefer a bruschetta like this than a steak, it is like a warm hug for your soul because   it is part of our history this scented green gold coming from our hills since centuries.

Enjoy the colour & tell me : ever seen such a stunning colour before???

Next October or November plan a visit in Pistoia & I will show you a mill  where to see how to press it & try it !



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