Pan coi Santi  : All Saints sweet bread from Siena , ever tried?

Every period of the year has its own typical food products & this is another one of these : called Pane dei Santi because in the past  it was produced at home of by bakers during the end of October , beginning of November ( at that time Halloween wasn’t yet arrived in Italy )to celebrate the All Saints festivity.

A soft kind of bread with an addition of some  walhnuts, raisins, some black pepper ,  ,aniseeds , butter or extra virgin oil it depending of what it was in the houses at that time, so every receipe is different , each family had one, no receipe to tell! 

The taste is very good a sort of smaller panettone before Christmas time , a simple way to heat and feed the  heart during the first gloomy days of autumn, remembering our beloved  gone….❤️😍❤️




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