Su Gologone : a fantastic experience hotel with a unique charming atmosphere & a real Sardinian style!

As you know Sardinia is my second home in summer time since more than 40 years 


 I hadn’t ever been in this special hotel  before : just in the heart of Sardinia & surrounding by a gorgeous wild nature that fascinated me soooo much!

Words can’t describe as beautiful it is & neither photos could but I want to try  to explain  you: it contains antiques from Sardinian handcrafters  and they are really  pathways in art, 

framed as painting you could find old traditional Sardinian costumes, old tapestries,texiles,old paintings, and then 

handmade sculptures,old fornitures & old tools for the kitchen in copper and iron& to work in the countryside in the past all by artists born in Sardinia!

Everything in it has a meaning, each detail was thought and decided by two ladies , la signora  Pasqua & her daughter Giovanna  Polimodde , that run this hotel opened by Pasqua’s husband in the 60’s.

As I am used to say to those who haven t seen this Mediterranean island , it is not only a summer place , not only sea & sand but  it is rich of culture ,history,art,food,wine,archrological sites and magnificent natural sites and this hotel contains  all these in one .

The rooms & suites are all different & most of them  have a balcony overlooking green trees & flowers.

My first morning there I was woke up by the silence  : it is a paradise.

Not just an hotel : also a terrace dedicated   to Sardinian handcrafters  products overlooking a bar with   a fab view for an happy hour , elegant & chic, class & tradition , all these details make this hotel a wonderful place you will not want to leave!

I was used to see Emerald coast villas & its hotels but this one has much more appeal & it is so TRUE so GREAT  you will want to go back as soon as possible and miss it  as I am already doing now 😍

Hope my photos could tell you more but you have to stay there , live this hotel as a particular lovely hotel to enjoy at its most this unique atmosphere and the people who work here are all kind & smiling & helpful …. you can really feel at home!

….and what about food ?

it’s an amazing experience this too👏👏🍷🍸👍😉but  need another post to tell you  about this chapter ….a reason more to follow me !

Giovanna Polimodde, artist & owner
My lovely room
With Mrs Pasqua in the center & my Sardinian friend Annalisa from Cagliari
Giovanna & me


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