Pinzimonio: what is it? how to taste just pressed extra virgin olive oil at its best!

Many foreign people that I met during the years have never heard about it!

It’s just an easy & healthy way of eating raw vegetables dipping them in  extra virgin olive  oil 😋😋😋 from our Tuscan hills ( this was another present from Valeria ❤️💋thank you   soo much! pressed yesterday evening & straight away brought on my table just for me❤️❤️👏👏).

Every kind of vegetable are suitable for the so called ” pinzimonio” adding some salt ,some black pepper & sometimes a drop of balsamic vinagre  or lemon juice.

This can be used as a starter or to br paired with meat or fish both in summer or autumn as now.

Especially artichokes are so delicious in this  period of the year , not cooked!! ever tried?? 

if not….try now & remember , simplest it is the best it tastes, trust me!👍😉



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