MadeinPistoia : cialde di Montecatini Terme ( Pistoia’s district thermal city)

Ever seen before? ever tried?

A typical product from this thermal city in Tuscany that is Montecatini Terme, just 15km from Pistoia.

Loved them since I was a child : simply as they are or together with ice cream, vin santo dessert wine or an espresso coffee or hot chocolate ….😋😋😋

They are made of   two crunchy slices of a very thin & crunchy waffle , filled with minced almonds & sugar (no preservaties,no colourings ) the taste is really delicate & special.

You could find them in Pistoia’s & Montecatini’s area in delicatessen shops or in some supermarkets .

If you visit my area don’t miss them!


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