MadeinPistoia : an amazing eco-friendly Presepe (Nativity)


 I couldn’t believe it was possible to create such an amazing, original  Nativity  with just common things as expired food , dried leaves,tea bags,seeds,eggs’ shells ,wahnuts ,garlic flowers used as small trees, old jumpers used as mountains , expired white flour as snow , pistaches’shells, plastic pins, orange zeist ?

It has been a real discovery for me in Pistoia’s countryside : a young Tuscan lady  started doing this some years ago in her house & then  decided to move it in two rooms outside  just to dedicate them to this purpose, create a  big ecological Nativity !

At every  sight it is  a surprise :  something you didn’t see at first glance you can see on your second tour , it’s a very original way of thinking about Jesus’ coming on Earth in this way : ecological & ethical , with no waste .

Everything can be transformed in something special & useful at the same time & it is the real proof that everything  can be recycled .

Congrats Cristina  Bruni 👏👏👏👏for your excellent idea & for being such a skilled artist !!!

maybe you have been inspired by the Italian masterpieces you studied at the University of arts in Florence?maybe or…. perhaps it’s  just the  Leonardo da Vinci’s genious that whispered  into your mind as you live so close to the Leonardo’s birthplace?😉👍

I really don’t know but I lnow that it is free to public & If you want to visit it just by previous appointment only : Cristina will be glad to open the doors of her  original Nativity just for you! It will be open until January 6th.

Enjoy my picts & please pay attention to the  details!





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