MadeinTuscany :a school of life in a greenhouse with a grandpa

A very intetesting  experience in this greenhouse near the Tuscan coast – few Km from Viareggio –  with many plants , of course ( they are focused on eucalyptus ornamental  trees that they export them even abroad)  but during the summer time it becomes a different kindergarden with a special  teacher of 80 years old , that is the owner’s father.

He can tell you how to make a seed grows up,  how to plant a seed, how to cultivate rice ( as this area in the past  was very well known  for this excellent production), the use of different old tools for the garden , how it was the agriculture in the past times with animals instead of machines. A plant of cotton can be a  good starter to introduce the story of a T-shirt of 100% cotton , the thin yarn of the natural fibre of linen can tell another story…the story of our grand-grand-parents could be a title for  each different lesson ! 

The granpa has a daughter that is Elena who decided to leave her permanent job as general manager , to start this new challenge with the help of her father , her husband & now her daughter too . An entire family looking after trees & teaching to new generations how to be kind to  mother earth &  discovering  another way of living , respecting the seasons, the cycles of life, the old people who can teach things nobody knows anymore.

A great exemple for young people and to me too, a feeling of being really part of all this as one only family , yes the family of the mankind  .

Schools  can also visit the greenhouse during the year for one day experience & bring home  not just an handmade souvenir but also unfogettable memories and maybe more proud to be Italians knowing how great is our   heritage that is our Country , our traditions ,our roots.

Hands can be  so beautiful when they speak to heart so deeply as these ones, enjoy !




Essence from eucalyptus


4 thoughts on “MadeinTuscany :a school of life in a greenhouse with a grandpa

    1. Thank you! he is so wise, so nice, so funny & intelligent at the same time!I fell in love with him❤️he told me so many info. about rice that was one of the biggest producer of Italy in the past : never heard or studied at school before!amazing…so lucky who could meet him in his life😉

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