…and yes, finally Christmas is over!

Can’t tell you I love Christmas ,I am sorry but I have to be sincere with you & most of all with myself .Don’t like it since my parents got divorced & so Christmas became another occasion for sorrow, reminding me how happier were the other united  families during this period of the year , except mine … 
Now that I am no more a young girl , left my family house since more than twenty years & mother of a child of 17 I still have  a strange feeling about this day : don’t like the lights,the never ending  lunches & dinners, the pre-Christmas rush for presents….I just love  staying at home with my closest ones trying to be not happy ( after the years I learned not to look for it any more ) bust just be relaxed , avoiding the run to pretend to be merry & good that day only !

We are what we are , inspite of Christmas or Easter & I hope you are not feeling sad as I felt  many years ago thinking I was the only one in this gloomy mood.

Now , after having talked  about this with  other people I can say to you  I am not alone & I don’t feel miserable anymore but just more human & honest .

I love the poem here below , by an Italian poet  – Giuseppe Ungaretti  – titled : Natale .

 Written in 1916 when he came back home from his personal experience during   the first World War & he didn’t want to forget what he saw & felt when he was on the front line.

Enjoy the days after Christmas !☺️😉😉👍👏👏👏 Future is now😍🍸🎈 



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