MadeinPistoia : getting  married in Tuscany!

imageWhat about getting married in Tuscany? Not just  the happiness to celebrate & seal  a great love  but also to have the chance to be part of one of the most  dreamed region in the world   where everyone   would like to see  & stay once in a life time !

So no more words to invite you to get married here , where churches  are so romantic, beautiful & old , where even the city hall is  charming & centuries old , where food is top quality & wine too! where all over you turn your sight it’s a magical atmosphere of natural beauty  & art .

This is a young couple wedding ceremony & party dated  last May  in Pistoia’s city hall & in its countryside ,planned by Lidia Danti a  licensed wedding planner in Italy & image consultant in Pistoia.

Let’s see how happy they were that day in a sunny Pistoia,




The wedding planner Lidia Danti with the happy couple




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