MadeinPistoia : a different choice, no more slot machines but …free books!!

Think you can’t  imagine how many nice things could happen in a small city as Pistoia !

I really  want to show you as much as I can of my birthplace in Tuscany as it is a hidden gem nobody knows…but you miss  a lot if you don’t visit it once in a life time!

Here is an example of a different , ethical choice :a decision took by one of the BAR NAZIONALE  ‘s owner  , Alessandra,  of stop hosting  slot machines  in her coffee shop ( she saw too many people loosing their  money & their heads because of them!) & replace these with ….books to be taken for free as a public library or just read them while sipping a good espresso or having lunch in the coffee bar.

Because sharing…is  caring! 

Even the Italian RAI 3    TV channel came to interview Alessandra Vannetti , the lady who had this idea along with her family , & these are some photos of her & her books ( I have also  donated them some of mine).

Do you know someone who is doing the same   in your city ?

Look forward to hearing from your side of the world!

Bar Nazionale is in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci , 1 ( Porta Carrarica – Arca  ) Pistoia  


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