MadeinPistoia : Chocomoments, a  sweetness celebration 



 In Pistoia since two days & until this evening you can visit this chocolate kermesse !

So many different kind of handcrafted chocolate producers  – made in Italy – in  different shapes, tastes & colours & consistence ( as the liquid tiepid chocolate to be sipped  with a spoon as it is not so fluid to be drunk) with ginger , absenthium, spicy hot herbs…spreadable in hundred of different tastes. 

 Workshops for children & adults & info. on this black gold that is  the choco world .

In the heart of my city today you can walk & smell this  yummy scented aroma.

Pistoia is located in the so called  chocolate valley in Tuscany so it is just  in the right place 👍👏😋

Enjoy my photos!






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