Nomination : a shining lady  behind an Italian leader  jewels brand
I have had the great pleasure to meet Monica Tiozzo  – the Nomination president – during an happy hour in Pistoia planned by TO BE DONNA  -an entrepeneurs’ women association of Confcommercio –  to present her new book titled : ”How  to be  a mother, a wife and yourself as well as a president ”.Yes, she can be all this at the same time with great satisfation & hard work , of course, but  always with her lovely smiling face!

I knew the Nomination brand since its first icon bracelet called ‘Composable’, as it was a real innovation in the jewels sector : in the 1980 Paolo Gensini – Monica’s father in law – invented this original, new , young  elastic stain steel bracelet to be personalized by golden letters  to  write a name a nickname or a  message .

It was a  great success  : both women & men loved it so much that it was a MUST having at least one ! The material used was very innovative :for the first time something different from the traditional  gold was shining in the Florentine’s jewels windows and at an  affordable price too.

At the present  Nomination creates many different items not just bracelts but also watches, earrings, necklaces, rings  for women & men, even in gold or silver.

Sunglasses  & foulards with the Nomination logo are also available now.

For  elegant ladies , or for very young ones as teenagers as well for middle age too with stones & pearls….so for   any age you can find something special  by Nomination.

The  headquarter &  the  factory are still in the same location : Sesto Fiorentino just few kilometres from Florence, working with Italian handcrafters , using the best natural precious stones, semi precious ones , gold & hypoallergenic stain steel .The foundamental  ingredients to achieve  a great success are passion, dedication , cooperation  based on a family run business as this one .

An Italian company that  decides to stay & produce in Tuscany to offer the best materials (  for the My bon bons line they use  made in Tuscany  leather ) with a real Italian taste & without loosing its true  identity of florentine handcrafters ( each stone, each Swarovski  diamond is set  by hands!)

So I can say with real  pride,  being a Tuscan  , that the first tailor made  brecelet has been invented in Tuscany , by a Tuscan gentleman  who first had  the vision of  an unique brecelet  that could become a personal accessory with words, symbols & charmes for everyday life.

So I can say the emoticons  had been already introduced in our lives by Nomination in 1980!😍💋❤️💕🌺🍀⭐️🌟🌞👏👏👏

Monica Tiozzo represents  herself the beutiful image of this company : honesty , professionality,charme , intuition, innovation  & passion .

They create dreams , don’t you think so?

Have a look to my photos! You can easly  find something special for you or for your beloved ones , otherwise… you can invent it by yourself with all the  available options.

As you could see some pop stars chose Nomination , so ….. why don’t you?

Enjoy my photos by the headquarter in the showroom  with Monica  & in the Florentine shop in via Porta Rossa & ,  of course , all the whole  collection on their website!

Nomination headquarted & factory facade in Sesto Fiorentino
Monica Tiozzo by Nomination showroom in Sesto Fiorentino


Madonna’s daughter wearing Nomination
Rihanna wearing a Nomination brecelet


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