Some uncommon ideas for your Valentine

When Valentine day is going to come  my husband never knows what I ‘d  love to receive so I thought  I have to start a bit earlier to look for something special and original to suggest him to buy for me .

Some days ago a good friend of mine from New York  sent  me an email  with the link to this  site : and , yes, she was right :  it is a  GREAT source of new ideas and not just only for Valentine day!

In my opinion it is so interesting to know who is the artist, the artisan that is behind he object you decided to purchase : this is what happen if you start reading the short bio of each person who created the items  .


As you know I love to tell you  stories  about people that I met during my tours, people with a great passion for what they do.

In this case in the website  you could find not just  a huge choice of  UNCOMMON THINGS  but  all of them have a  face and a name and UNCOMMON PERSONALITIES behind them.

The aim of the Company ( founded in 1999 in New York ) is to offer great products of  top quality (some also handmade) at reasonable prices that  are small masterpieces.

Furthermore , every time you purchase something  , Uncommongoods will donate part of your  order to your choice to a non – profit organization .

I found  this pair of earrings with sunflowers called…y/valentines-day-gifts

have you ever  dreamt about Tuscan ‘s hills covered by them as a  yellow big carpet? here they are : precious,  but not very expensive ,   that reminds me my countryside

or what about this engraved silver anatomical heart pendent  as a small sculpture to offer  to your beloved ? so original, so different that I found in here

or this cute  scarf with the world around the  neck to offer to someone you love ??

these are just  some of the presents I would like to receive  from my husband  but there are so many others to see, have a look to the website and don’rt let your  husband say anymore : no ideas for Valentine Day!!!














2 thoughts on “Some uncommon ideas for your Valentine

  1. What a great site! I’ve only glanced at the cooking section but will definitely go back to see more. I wish i had known of this site before Christmas. Thanks for sharing and I hope your husband gets the hint. 🙂

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