Sardinia island :perfect  for food lovers 

You know, Sardinia is my  second home & I love it in a deep ,true , visceral way : as you love a good friend you don’t see very often & you miss so much.

I love it not just for its natural stunning beauties ,not only  for the sincere & fantastic  people living there, not only for its historical places & archeological magical sites ….but for the food too!

Last October I stayed by a special Hotel in the heart of Sardinia ( Barbagia area ) that has a great restaurant inside : usually I follow the rule “don’t eat in the same place where you sleep ” but this time……it would have  been such a great mistake!

Because it was so good, so special, so tasty so perfect in every aspects :from the lovely service to the location ,  top quality & local ingredients used. I told to the owner that every meal was so interesting to motivate the  writing a small book telling about all the stories & the background of the products !

Starting from breakfast with different kind if jams homemade with local typical fruits of Sardinia, fresh sheep ricotta cheese from the local  shepard, pecorino cheese, homemade cakes & biscuits , lovely presentations to let you feel as a queen.The dinner menu  was different everynight : habdmade pasta , fresh vegetables from the local producers , the wine list with the best ones from the Oliena area & the island .

The hotel name is a country resort with more than 5 stars : pathways in art inside the hotel & an unforgettable cusine , let’s have a look & drooling with me….

Don’t miss this place because it is really an experience that you are going to have : not just food here but past, history,deep roots in this wonderful island so undiscovered & so unforgettable!




18 thoughts on “Sardinia island :perfect  for food lovers 

    1. Me too darling, as you are such a sensitive person who can appreciate at its most the authenticity of it !
      this experience will stay in our hearts forever , thanks Linda darling❤️😍💋💋


  1. Sardinia has been on my “must visit” list for some time. I would love to explore that island during a leisurely vacation. Now that you’ve shown me all of those delicious plates, I’ll be sure to stay close to the tratorie. I wouldn’t want to skip a meal. 🙂

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    1. Thank you☺️ love this magic island as everything you can find in it : culture,food,art,nature & great people & traditions . Have you been? if not don’t miss it in your next visit in Italy!


      1. Really???👏👍👍😂😂😂🙌🙌GREAT!!!so you can speak Italian too!! why did you live there for so long time? did you love it? Alghero is so beautiful as well as Bosa and the Malvasia from Bosa…😋😋😋


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