This is for my foodies’ friends: “cenci”a typical fried dough 4 Carnival

As my grandmother Gina used to make with me, now it was time 4 me with my daughter  Francesca!

From my old receipes’ book ( a bit dirty, sorry !  I know, but it is also full of good memories  & I don’t want to have any new other one but …THIS!!) .

Different names for the same kind of fried daugh : chiacchere ( chats in English) or rags , CENCI , in Italian.

Easy to make if you gave an old pasta machine as mine or by hands , but the most lovely thing is that you need TIME & HELP  from someone & so you can talk and sharing not just   preparing goodies but also your precious time…making food is also a kind of love !

Enjoy my photos & if you like try to make them the receipe is like my grandma used to make : by eyes not by measures!!!! so strange for my daughter who watches Master Chef on TV now😂😂😂




12 thoughts on “This is for my foodies’ friends: “cenci”a typical fried dough 4 Carnival

  1. This brings back warm memories. Mom made something similar called “fiocchetti”. How we kids loved them! She had to ban us from the kitchen or we would have eaten them all as soon as she pulled them from the fry pan. 🙂

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