Pistoia : Manzoni theatre ,a real jewel in the city’s heart

  You can think you are at  ‘La Scala’ theatre , as it is just a minature of it !

but you are in Pistoia, in a small  but beautiful city in the Northen Tuscany just 30 km from the district capital, Firenze .

Dated 1694 first it was called : “teatro dei Risvegliati ” in English ” Rewaked theatre “and this means a lot…before being a theatre it was a fabric –  drying structure . In the 1861 it was renovated as we can enjoy it now : four rows  of boxes , auditourium & gallery for a capacity of 1200 people!

In 1864 its name was changed in Manzoni theatre in honour of one of the most famous novelist ,  Alessandro Manzoni who wrote  “I promessi sposi”.

It is so elegant both outside ,with its columns & simple façade , as well as inside with red velvet tapestry  & golden decorations.

Furthermore the  Manzoni  theatre has been hosting many great comedies played by very renowned actors since many decades &  even premières are taken place here, ballets, opera & of course hosting Pistoia’s schools music events . The Pistoia’s public is very difficult to be satified  & when a play starts from here with the public approvation it means it will be a success everywhere else!

I feel as a queen when I can stay in one of its  box watching a nice play of Shakespeare or Pirandello or De Filippo having great fun & enjoying my theatre where I used to go when I was a child ( & my mother too ) to celebrate Carnival & it was a real great feast as a Cyndarella ball!

Love meeting with my friends before the show to have an espresso coffee sitting in the cosy small cafè inside the foyer & having chats as old ladies did since ever!

Nothing changed since those times, except me, that  I am older & don’t dress anymore princess  costumes & crown but now I am  just proud to being part of all this because it belongs to my past & my family memories.

Enjoy my photos!





One thought on “Pistoia : Manzoni theatre ,a real jewel in the city’s heart

  1. I would love to witness a performance on that stage. How beautiful! I do try to see at least one concert performance when I stay in a town or city. Aside from the action on stage, it is a wonderful way to see a beautiful theatre in use, as it is meant to be seen. Beyond that, it’s a great spot to people watch. 🙂

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