MadeinPistoia : Mardi Gras & frittelle di riso = fried rice donuts!!

My father from Thailand just phoned me to tell me they are prepearing special sweets for today….my friend from London wrote me this morning about a kind of pancakes they are making today and  so….what about here in Pistoia??

We are making FRITTELLE DI RISO in a very traditional way , as my grandgrandmother did in the past for children & adults as they are really good & light ( yes,  though they are fried but, with extra virgin olive oil they are not so heavy)  you could eat a full tray!!

The receipe is very simple , as my grandmother Gina used to make “at sight ” :  only boiling  white rice in milk & some lemon zeist  until it is very well cooked ,then add two eggs , a walnut of  butter & a bit of sugar , let it getting cold & then..with a spoon take some dough & put it   in a pan with a lot of extra virgin olive oil & stir them on a absorbent paper.

Topped with white sugar &….eat them immediately  warm !!!

So now … let’s  celebrate Carnival in the Tuscan way, with frittelle di riso!!😋😋😋


2 thoughts on “MadeinPistoia : Mardi Gras & frittelle di riso = fried rice donuts!!

  1. It’s wonderful how many regional dishes are being shared on WordPress today. Your frittelle sound delicious and you’re right. I probably would eat the tray. :


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