Baci Perugina : sweet Valentine!

Baci Perugina are from Perugia ( a renowned  city in Umbria for its  chocolate  production & where the Perugina’s factory comes from) .Invented by a woman – Luisa Spagnoli – in 1922 & in 1939  the first shop in New York was open! To know more about it , have a look to the web site:
A love message in each  kiss  written in three languages : this is the lovely surprise every time you open one & I love to read mine aloud & listen to the orhers one too!

They are the most traditional present for Valentine Day in Italy ,  such as are red roses & a great romantic dinner  .

The chocolate is not the best you can get in Italy but the pairing with the nut & its  creamy heart was a real new taste when it first came on the Italian tables. 

That’s why I really can’t  imagine a Valentine day   without at least 3 of them in my mouth!

Enjoy this new packaging , gift from a friend of mine this morning, thank you & ….many kisses….molti baci!😋😋💋💋💋 


4 thoughts on “Baci Perugina : sweet Valentine!

  1. I am familiar with these Baci.They can be purchased at my Italian market. Although they would be perfect for St Valentine’s Day, I’m too impatient and buy them throughout the year. 🙂
    I hope you enjoyed St. Valentine’s Day.

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