San Valentino : Valentine Day in Italy & its origins




 Today ,February 14th we celebrate Valentine day , but why,  I wonder?

Who was this Saint? 

He was born in Terni, Italy ,  in 175 AD & became bishop of its birthplace very young , at just 21 years old & he was a martyr  ,  persecuted as Christian .

The origin of the name comes from the Latin ‘valens’ that means that has value and also vigorous.

He is the protector of the lovers because the legend tells, he was still marrying couples inspite  the order to do it  by the Roman Emperor  Claudius II ( also called Claudio the cruel )  that didn’t want men got married anymore as thet didn’t want to leave  their wives to fight into the battles the Emperor wanted to do.

So nowadays we celebrate love day in his name & in Italy we are having great dinner in romantic restaurants , red roses & chocolates & lovely presents….and how do you celebrate it in your Country? 

These are some photos I took 4 you, enjoy!




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