Siena : a classical Tuscan tour with a sweet stop

During your first tour in Tuscany you can’t miss this city  including a look to Duomo with its amazing ceiling & pavement that is a magnificent painting!  

Let’s visit it with me now… just a look & I am sure you will fall in love with it as I did the first time I saw these beauties & then every time I go back because you can’t be never tired  of such a great wonderful masterpieces made by men so many centuries ago !

For a sweet stop I suggest you Nannini Bar patisserie since 1930 just close to the piazza del Campo to taste the typical food goodies made in Siena : almond soft  biscuits  called Ricciarelli , yes as my surname! , & Panforte in many different way with dried figs ir with pepper  



 & also some special coffee blends by Nannini ‘s family 

Again, so proud to be Italian & ….Tuscan!😍❤️🔝





















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