San Gimignano : as a small New York skyline with its old towers

Originally  , in the 1300 , the  towers were 72  -in a very small village think they were more towers than inhabitans!- but towers meant power at that time & so each noble family showed it through them.

Nowadays only 14 left but the atmosphere is like a diamond posed on a hill from which you could   have a beautiful view . It is an UNESCO World Heritage as Siena.

  San Gimignano was on the Francigena way  & fot its location ( just on the top of a hill ) it was a strategical point located exaclty in the middle of  the path between Pisa & Siena .

From this area   comes the first Italian DOC  wine denomination that is called  “Vernaccia di San Gimignano “&  in 1993 it became  a DOCG.

Even saffron from San Gimignano is a very precious & top quality product of this area.

Let’s have a stroll with me  there & my American clients tasting a great gelato from one of the best ice cream shop in town, of course!

No visit is completed , in my opinion , if there is no goodies to enjoy together!





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