Rome it’s a city 4 foodies : Cotto & Magnato a typical trattoria 

Sooo many tasty things to try here!

Loved this typical Roman restaurant where my good friends invited me last week for dinner just near Piramide quarter .

Ever tried ‘ carbonara with artichokes’ ?DELICIOUS!

& what about ‘Abbacchio alla Romana’ lambs meat cooked in a very good way with aromatic light sauce & a tender artichoke Roman style?

or the Amatriciana, topped with a pecorino romano so good!!

Amazing to say but I slept very very well

after this big dinner as the quality was really top one!!A great cake with poppies seeds & orange cream to end it 😋😋😋


10 thoughts on “Rome it’s a city 4 foodies : Cotto & Magnato a typical trattoria 

      1. That would be nice but we will not make it to Tuscany on this trip. My nephew is traveling with me. Since it is his first time, I let him choose where we would go after visiting our family in San Marino. He chose Roma. No matter. I will return to Tuscany one day. Our meeting will be delayed a bit, that is all. 🙂


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