Where to stay in Rome?

Not just a modern & original  4 star hotel designed by an architect who loves modern art  but the people….amazing!! so welcoming ,such a great stay   by www.abitarthotel.com & its restaurant too.

Art is the main ingredient in this place : everywhere you could see masterpieces & the atmophere is very relaxing , not too modern , simply chic & charming.

 Many businessmen included actors & singers stop here for the night & for photo shooting ,of course it is great for couples too & for leisure too as I did last week .

Just two minutes walking  from

Eataly & in two underground stops you are at the Colosseum.

Every room is different : a different artist for each room & mine was the De Chirico one ,called  the Metaphisic 😍🔝🔝

Had a giant sun over my head , that I loved it sooo much ,3 windows & a small balcony, a painted blue sky with clouds on my walls &  on the ceiling : as waking up in Paradise!!    

The breakfast  was so delicious…even fresh honey with wax ( that I love to have everymorning in my cup of tea )& warm pancakes just made in a lovely hall  closeby a hidden  garden  …it’s a place to remember & to stay again & again.

Even the garage is hand painted with beautiful murales👏👏👏where  could you find a better place to feel art as this one in a city a Rome full of any kind of arts?

Enjoy my photos! 














7 thoughts on “Where to stay in Rome?

  1. Buongiorno! This looks so interesting, how did you find out about it? We haven’t spent a lot of time in Rome but stay at the Hotlel Ponte Sisto when we stay…it’s close to the Piazza Navona and Campo di Fiore and we like to walk. We’ve used the metro once, it was pretty easy. Are there any restaurants that you recommend in Rome? xxoo

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