Eating in Rome as Romans do since 1923 …

This time in Rome I  wanted  to visit the old ghetto near Campo  dè Fiori & just close to the nice Isola Tiberina .

I had in my memory  the  deep yellow/orange  colour of the Jewish quarter I saw in a beautiful film of some years ago titled : “La finestra di fronte ” by one of my favourite film maker , Ferzan Ozpetek ,(  a Turkish artist   living in Rome since many years) & my wish was to walk close to these walls.

So I did , strolling in this quarter was so exiciting & wanted to stop in a typical trattoria suggested by Roman friends  : “DaGiggetto al Portico di Ottavia ” in this location since 1923.
Love artichokes & these “alla giudia “way were sooo delicious, crispy & tender at the same time!

Had also lamb’s fried brain : so good 😋😋😋& the execellent “puntarelle” as vegetable .

I stayed outside just in front of the old portico di Ottavia ( an archeological site ) but also visited  the restaurant inside & it is really beautiful & different : up and down, you can get lost easly if you don’t keep in mind some points to find the way back ! 

So impressive to find on the floor outside a building some names & dates about people who were took away from their homes by the nazists troups & then killed in nazi camps.

How much sorrow & sadness have seen these walls!

Kosher restaurants & bars all around now & a special different atmophere in this part of Rome , don’t miss it !



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