Pistoia : Santa Barbara’s Fortress ,a Tuscan  highline over the city!



 Yesterday I visited this enchanting location just on the border of a public park where I used to go when I was a child , Piazza d’Armi.

With the Pistoia’s Instagrammer group & the FAI  young volounteers  ( Fondo Ambiente Italiano –  )we visited this fourtess dated fourtheen century that hosted  in different period different kind of people : soldiers, prisoners till  common people as it has been used an open air cinema in summer time.

Now , after some renovations  , we can walk or run on its walls & this made me think to the New York highline where you can see the city from an high point of view & have a relaxing moment over there.

So I wanted to share this with you as for me was a great surprise & loved it in a sunny Sunday morning as yesterday & in  addition  I found an interesting Medieval festival with people dressed with old traditional clothes from the Middle Age  in the nearby park : such a great morning indeed 😍😍👍

Enjoy my Pistoia!




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