Fresh pasta made in Genoa ~ Ligurian style !

My interesting walking tour  in Genova stopped not only by a bakery to taste focaccia genovese  but also here : by a fresh handmade pasta maker  : PASTA FRESCA  FABIO & ALESSIA run by two brothers that run this family business  in the historical center (have a look to the  ceilings :old  afrescoes  overlooking the laboratory 😍😍 & a nice small garden in the courtyard of this old noble palace!🔝🔝)

 Not just simple pasta as trofie or tagliatelle but also filled ones  with spinach or meat like ‘pansotti ‘ so yummy !! or small tortellini shape  called ‘ plin’ filled with basil or chestnut gnocchi to be dressed with pesto sauce : a perfect mix of sweet & salted.

A special kind of pasta called ‘croxetti’ on which can be printed our name or our  cots of arms on  their surface  : a dough made with flour , garlic, egg,salt ,basil ,majoran,white vinagre  from an old receipe of Sergio’s family who first opened this shop about 40 years ago.

Not only pasta to cook at  home but even traditional ligurian  dishes ready to be eaten as fried enchovies or code fish to take away & different  sauces to be matched with pasta : a paradise for foodies & pasta lovers like me!!


Via Canneto Il Lungo, 79/r  – GENOVA – Liguria – Italy –  


afrescoes ceilings
walnut sauce
pesto alla genovese


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