How to eat a fresh pork sausage for a tasty aperitivo!

In Tuscany we love pork meat , in every possible way!

Even raw pork sausages are delicious just spreading them on a Tuscan unsalted slice of bread….ever tried?

if not yet ,you SHOULD !

Just  buy FRESH  ones handmade by one of our  ‘norcino’ ( a particular butcher who deals with pork meat only ) & try them as they are immediately  – don’t leave them to become dry – I used to have them as  a perfect break when I were a child  in the afternoon for a tasty ‘merenda’as even in the past the farmers did .

Otherwise , if you don’t like the idea of eating them raw just try this very very easy receipe as a warm starter for you & your friends with a nice glass of red wine in the other hand🍷

one fresh handmade pork sausage

one stracchino cheese of 150 gr

undsalted Tuscan bread in slices

Mix together sausage & stracchino with a fork : spread it on the slices of bread, put into the oven at 200* & leave them until they become a bit roasty on the top!

Serve  them warm & let me know…!😋😋😋👍🔝🔝


2 thoughts on “How to eat a fresh pork sausage for a tasty aperitivo!

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