Prato & PastaMadreDay  : sourdough for homemade bread & focaccia

What a great Sunday yesterday !

Some months ago I had  the pleasure to meet  a foodblogger from Prato – Stefania Storai  & she invited me to this event in Prato  called : Pastamadre day , litteraly in English could be “mother dough “: the name is easly understanding , because it is from where  everything begins : the madre ( mother).

No chemical starters, no  yeast of any kind ,just water & flour ( only O , not OO !) to make the dough raise  & have tasty & healtier bread or focaccia , pizza and so on.

Since some years many  people ( sometimes me too ) have digestive problems because of chemical yeast  contained in beer, pizza , bread or focaccia ; using this natural one you can be sure your stomac will smile & you too😃😃

I loved this day with lots of people watching & trying to make fresh bread & the free distribution of this particular natural yeast to all women and even men who are interested in homemaking bread.

Now I have my own pastamadre ( to which I have to give a name 😂😂  as it is as a baby because I will have to feed it as a baby , yes! , to “refresh” it , as Stefania told us ,with more water & flour every 4 days to keep it alive & store it in the fridge).

Really hope  I could be able to make delicious & tasty  bread & soft focaccia as Stefania does following receipes on her blog!

And what about you, in your Country is it so popular to make bread at home & using sourdoug? I’d love to hear from you❤️

Now enjoy my photos!



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