Leonardo da Vinci was born here!

If you are travelling in Tuscany don ‘t miss the Leonardo da Vinci birthplace .

Not all foreigns  know that “da Vinci ” in Italian means “from Vinci ” & it is a small village near Pistoia ~ MY birthplace 😉😄 ~ surrounded by   beautiful olive grooves & wineyards, lovely farmhouses where to stop to taste & buy some wine & extra virgin oil & eat bruschetta!

The way that leads from Pistoia to Vinci  is very well known by professional bikers  as San Baronto ,they  love riding their bikes on this windy road that leads from the outskirts of Pistoia to  Vinci in about just twenty -thirty minutes by car ( never done by  bike too steep for me!!!)

When arrived in Vinci you can  buy one only ticket to visit 3 museums  www.museoleonardiano.it : two are near the  Santa Croce Church (where Leonardo was baptized in 1452 )  the Counts’  Guidi tower  – a beautiful building  – & another more modern museum on the opposite side of the Church. In both of them you could  see many inventions thought & realized by Leonardo in wood & videos about how they worked.

After these two interesting visit the third museum , just some kilometer from Vinci , immerses in the olive grooves you will find the birthplace home : just two rooms made all in stones, outside & inside , with a fantastic video played – in English – by an actor who looks like Leonardo projected on a wall in real human dimensions, telling you the story if his life.

I have always thought that our eyes can see today the same landscape he saw many centuries ago & from which he was inspired & this can be of great ibspiration for us too, even if we are not genius as he was! 

…and If you really love it you can also decide to get married in front of his birthpace in the middle of this uncontaiminated stunning nature as since some years this dream became true , for more info. about this ,just ask to Vinci ‘s city hall😉
I am sure you will love this experience if you decide to visit Vinci & its meseums , now enjoy some of my picts.❤️



11 thoughts on “Leonardo da Vinci was born here!

  1. What a lovely idea to visit Vinci! Who isn’t a fan of Leonardo? I visited about 20 years ago and still have some ceramics I bought there. It is probably time to go back, now that you have set out a nice tour for us. Grazie mille!

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