Pistoia : a private collection of old dolls & Pinocchio

Titled : “Le sentinelle della memoria : giocattoli di un’altra epoca” A private toys collection  a free open to public in occasion of “Dialoghi sull’uomo 2016 festival” in Pistoia , just in her own palace – Palazzo dè Rossi – belonged to this  young collector’s family  : Paola dè Rossi, that was one of the most important family in Pistoia .

A toys  exibition of another époque , as says the title , Paola dè Rossi born in 1919 in Shangai , she travelled a lot with her parents ( her father ,was  born in Pistoia ,  was a diplomatic ) throughtout China & Siam until 1927 . 

Paola dè Rossi was a very curious & anticonformist little girl who loved to play not just with classical dolls & paper dolls &  precious chinese silk dresses dolls !  but even with original kind of  toys such as a boat minature ,handmade , in rush in use in China since 300 b.c. 

Her son , Patrizio Cecchi, carried on his mother’s passion adding more  beautiful male toys  included an old Pinocchio’s stunning collection , with very old pieces (as you can see from the list in the photo here)he became a great collector too.

The old palace  located in the street that took its name – via dè Rossi – is so beautiful :you could see some picts of the courtyard & of the main   hall with a modern art sculpture by the artist Roberto Barni from Pistoia.

Now this palace hosts the headquarter of Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia Foundation who restored this building some years ago in a very beautiful way  & a permanent  interesting art exibition with paintings & sculptures  from different artists & different periods.

Pistoia is really a hidden gem with its palaces & stories to tell to visitors & locals too.

Enjoy my photos!

The Grandonio’s statue in the courtyard

The courtyard of the palace
The old boat & an original old photo of Paola dè Rossi


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