Tuscany : Livorno, not just a port but a charming city

Since more than 40 years I have been stopping in Livorno just to leave it , yes by boat , direction…Sardinia island.

Never a walk , never a look around , never some time to shopping or seeing its streets , its  buildings : it has been since ever just an harbour to me, not a city.

Some days ago I decided to go there & visit it and I found it very nice with beautiful old palaces & a great terrace overlooking the  Tyrrheanian Sea , the Terrazza Mascagni, stunning!!

A great surprise indeed, nice old shops & I tasted a special very small panino = sandwich in English , called 5&5 ( made of bread & cheakpeas pizza ) because in the past the totale cost of this was 5 Italian Lira of bread  & 5 Italian Lira of this pizza😂😂😂Then a  great cacciucco by an historical restaurant www.labarcarola.it since 1935  serving the best typical  Livornese fish soup  in town.

Enjoy my photos & visit Livorno if you travel in Tuscany, you will love it as I did!

Panino called : 5&5

Terrazza Mascagni
The very renowned Cacciucco


7 thoughts on “Tuscany : Livorno, not just a port but a charming city

    1. Thank you Debra❤️ the cacciucco is typical of Livorno : it was the sealors’ main course , a mix of what they found in their nets! very tasty & spicey too with some toasted bread inside -as a bruschetta – with some garlic only on it😋😋😋


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