Pistoia : a must see town in Tuscany!

You know how much I love❤️ my birthplace , Pistoia, located in Tuscany ,just in the between of the marvellous  Florence & lovely Lucca , more renowned & visited by tourists than my small city.

So you can understand how happy I’ve been to be invited by Tuscanybuzz www.tuscanybuzz.com to a blogtour #BuzzMeetFriends along with American, Brasilian & Italian bloggers in my beloved Pistoia with an original & interesting guided tour by a licensed guide Annamaria Iacuzzi  called : “made of flesh & blood” as the Pistoia’s noble familes were so cruently armed one against the other to acquire the power on the city in the past centuries…😬😬😬 

A tour of the city hall old palace by  Mrs Maria Teresa  with the extraordinary opening  to the narrow bridge that in the past was leading from the city hall  to the Cathedral ,the Civic Museum located  in the same building  , the climbing of 200 steps until the top of the towerbell for a stunning view ( you can visit it calling Virginia Ponticelli mobile nr. :0039 334/1689419 & book it )  to complete at its best  all  this  great afternoon …….a coloured  aperitivo  : red , as the bood of  Pistoia’s people that was flooding  – in the past – through our streets…by Magno Gaudio bar – restaurant , on a table cloth with Pistoia’s Medieval city map impressed on it 😍🔝👏

All this just to tell you : Pistoia is a MUST SEE in Tuscany !😍❤️☺️and  please trust me : nowadays NO blood at all , except a Bloody Mary if you like it! 😂😂😂😂

6 thoughts on “Pistoia : a must see town in Tuscany!

  1. Pistoia is a BEAUTIFUL city. Next time I am in Italy I will definitely return, spend time with you Miky and hopefully dine in your husbands restaurant. And, I plan to be able to walk for longer. Have a wonderful day Lyn

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    1. Thank you so much Lyn❤️Look forward to meeting you again here & have a longer tour of the city & of course a stop in my husbands restaurant opened in Pistoia since 1962 by my father in law.🍝🍕🍷🍸🍻☕️🍨

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