A small Tuscany in Czech Republic

Amazing views, great wines, beautiful plants & trees from Tuscany  – from  my  Pistoia, called city of green  , beacause of its greenhouses – provided by Moreno Menci who exports  his plants since more than twenty years in Czech Republic  www.vivaimenci.com  , a traditional Tuscan architecture for the farmhouse that is a 4 star  hotel where to spend  relaxing days  , spacious welcoming cellars  with tasting room , private barrels with the owners faces & zodicac sign impressed on them – never seen before ! – a garden that is a paradise on earth : with more than 600 roses , a small pond too & a cosy villa just few steps outside the farmhouse-hotel that can host a  big family or a group of friends…& the food , simply delicious!

In the nearby there are also wonderful places to discover & visit such as historical castles & nice cities with traditional typical architecture perfect for day tours .

A top quality restaurant by the Penzion André serving traditional cusine with local products with great class.

All this I saw & enjoyed last month – June 3rd – in this region named :  Velké Pavlovice, the so called “small Tuscany” in Czech Republic.

I have been so honoured to be invited to the celebration of 115th anniversary of the wineyard  & had the pleasure to meet   again the Poliak   family , the very passionate owners of this  stunning estate !

Winegrower Penzion André (Vinařský penzion Andre) www.slechtitelka.cz  it is a very new building  dated 2013 , in this historical area of wine selection in fact the grapevine started here in 1901 April 12th , first  for production of grapevine, later  for the selection of grapevine. A famous person from thes research station was Christian Carl André, who moved  from  France to here . http://www.digplanet.com/wiki/Christian_Carl_Andr%C3%A9

The Czech  selection of sorts Pálava, André, Aurelius a Agni started here in 1953

In this area  there  is even a collection of apricot trees of a famous Czech sort Velkopavlovicka , there are the mother plants for selection and with their sweet fruits a tasty jam is producted & sold by the estate , so yummy!😋😋😋

Now  the total area is 50 ha ,  assortiment 19 grapevine sorts and 76 historical clons.

New production hall is from 2011, production capacity is 500.000 liters.

The wines’ archive  is dated back 1951 .

Starting from 2009  this area became very famous for TOP Czech wine production and I have been so happy to enjoyed every single drop of this enchanting nectar!

Even a new rose has been created by www.kordes-rosen.com  from Germany  just to celebrate this anniversary with the same colour of the apricot   fruit that grows so flourishing in this region with the name of Pálava. Even a very good honey production is available by the estate.

A new tree too has been planted during the event  to celebrate the special date & live music , Tuscan food from Pistoia served by Moreno Menci – the greenhouse owner of Menci Vivai – who added more Tuscan taste to this fantastic day.

It has been my very first time , as I told you at the beginning but I am sure it will not be the last one, as I loved the small Tuscany who made me feel so proud ,one more time, to be Tuscan !

The cellers’ entrance

A rose among the roses!
The big barrels with the owners ‘ faces on them
Immersed in the stunning garden , the lovely villa in typical Tuscan style
Here it is the new rose Pálava among classical live music & sparkling wine from the estate
The romantic pond in the garden
Beautiful models dressed with roses for the presentation of the new rose Pálava
Me,Moreno Menci who served this Tuscan goodies & my husband
Editor Edytha Kochman & me looking at her fab magazine Slowlife
An handmade wax scented rose created for the new rose Pálava

Planting the new tree from Pistoia greenhouse of Moreno Menci
My friends Jaroslaw Olewicz , Edytha Kochman & Mirka Paclová


5 thoughts on “A small Tuscany in Czech Republic

  1. How fabulous is your little black dress, how fabulous is that cork wreath, how beautiful are those young ladies, how gorgeous are your photos. Wonderful blog. What a great day.

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    1. What a GREAT ,lovely comments Lyn….💓💓💓thanks so much! I really appreciate them and I am so honoured as you are one of my fav blogger 🔝👏👍💋


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