What to see in Florence in just one hour!

Are you travelling along  Italy and are you going to stop in Firenze at Santa Maria Novella’s train station to change train and you have just one hour ?

What a pity you have   just such a short time to visit this beautiful city ,you are sad about it ,aren’t you? …😁😞☹️ I can perfectly imagine how you are feeing  but ..don’t worry, follow my tips & you will see something interesting anyway in the nearby & in few minutes!
First of all ,as soon as you get off from the train , go out from the right exit – usually less crowded  than the central or left one – cross the street & keep on right until a traffic light , cross and keep on going  right for just few metres  than turn left  into Via della Scala where the first  – unforgettable – stop will be  : Officina di Santa Maria Novella  (open every day from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm )www.smnovella.com a magnificent location that host  this old prestigious pharmacy  since 1612 – can assure you that this  only stop worths the visit ! 

When you are inside,  immersed in these  aromatic  fragrances & architectonical beauties of the past , have  a look to the ceiling painted as a real blue sky with stars, the chandaliers and then don’t miss the cloister of Santa Maria Novella Church that you could see   from the herbalist room & will appear to you  what has been considered an extraordinary  example of Gothic architecture . Around you you will find  a huge choice of  “made in Florence” presents to bring home from room essences, herbal infusions,body cream, parfumes,essences & chocolates too all of them dressed in elegant packagings.

Continuing on the left from the Officina of Santa Maria Novella’s  exit , at the end of the street on your left you could see in all its magnificent the Santa Maria Novella ‘s façade projected  & finished by architect Leon Battisti Alberti at the end  of 1470.

At this point you don’t need to walk until the Duomo square to see the Brunelleschi’s dome & the Giotto towerbell : in fact , if you want  ,you can order  an aperitivo or a cappuccino by the rooftop terrace – with swimming pool – by the Grand  Hotel Minerva www.grandhotelminerva.com located  just on the  left side of the church that offers a breathtaking view  & from where you could take great photos – see mine here below 😉🔝🍸🍹

Ops, I am sorry , now it’s time to go back to the station or you will miss your train connection but please, trust me, don’t miss this mini tour I just suggested to you , you will love it ! 😉👍🍸🍸💒🛍🛍

Santa Maria Novella – Florence train station

Santa Maria Novella

Grand Hotel Minerva rooftop terrace
Don’t you think you can touch them?
The view from the Grand Hotel Minerva


5 thoughts on “What to see in Florence in just one hour!

  1. What a great tip. When I arrived in Firenze in May that is what happened to me. I had 1 1/12 hours till my train for Lucca. But, after travelling for 30 hours I only had enough energy to have a light lunch and a glass of wine. And then on to my Lucca train. I have been to that gorgeous pharmacy/perfumerie a few years ago.

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