Gelaterie Garten 3 : a corner of sweetness!

One of my best friend , Chiara , who knows me so well  since ever, talked me about a special place I had to see : GARTEN3 in the outskirts of Pistoia, Quarrata city.

Of course ,she was right : GARTEN3 is located in the main square of this town & on the same corner you can find not just a spacious ice cream shop but  even a chocolate & coffee-tea-herbal infusion bar  – CHOCOLATE & MORE  – in addition to another shop  : YO GARTEN3 ( yogurt with different toppings  & delicious cakes!)

I met  the CEO of Bood srl   , Enrico Bandecchi , a Tuscan guy  who travelled a lot before stopping in this part of Tuscany    to open this “sweetness corner”  using the best quality products  to produce a very creamy & delicious  ice cream 😋🍧🍨🍦along with a top quality service .

Not just ice cream to take away or to be tasted in the outdoor space with live music at night  – open in 2014 – but even a lovely location where to have a guided chocolate tasting by CHOCOLATE & MORE – open in December 2015 – to be matched with sparkling wine &  a special selection of spirits , to know more about cocoa ‘s products spending a different, yummy  evening with friends or family.

Furthermore during the summer time GARTEN3 SUMMER gives the chance to offer a service along the streets or in  campings’ area or to be rented for private parties , to sell its ice cream in nice kiosks  with the Company logo ,even in the countryside .

Maybe  in the future you could see this brand even overseas, or in Great Britain…who knows? the fact is that it is a  great success here & export it abroad could be a great idea😉

Cool, isn’t it??  but my photos will tell you more….enjoy!

Mr Enrico Bandecchi & my friend Chiara


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