Sardinia fascinates me !

Here again after a long long ,busy year I can enjoy the same seaside & this marvellous sea, the granite marble big rocks 🌊☀️🌻🌴🌺meet my old friends from different regions & nations, tasting great food & excellent wines!🍾🦀🐠🐬🦂🌴🐚🌞🍷🍸🍹🍧☕️

 This summer I have to add more memories to those I have collected in more than fourty summers spent here with my family & friends  as I had a fantastic tour last October with an American group of clients & so now can’t avoid to think of them everytime I eat or see something we shared together with such a great pleasure : what a satisfation for me looking at their enchanted faces in front of such a stunning beauty & tasty goodies…

Enjoy some of my best picts for you❤️

….& some sun too🌴🌴🌴😍😍😍


4 thoughts on “Sardinia fascinates me !

  1. ..è una meraviglia…. e mille grazie per avermi permesso di lustrare gli occhi.. In Sardegna non sono mai stata, ma mi hai fatto venire tanta voglia di rimediare !!! Buon pomeriggio!! smack

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