Cooking class & sweet memories in a Chianti Tuscan villa 

Imagine a group of beautiful ladies from

the States – headed by my dear friend Suzanne Stavinoha Waltz –  sharing a stunning typical  Tuscan  villa “under the Tuscan sun” , on a green hilltop , in the countryside of Chianti area : amazing view, great landscape , vines & olives groves around it , aromatic herbs , an excellent dinner  made just for them, under their eyes , by a great chef from Florence …a special evening  I had the pleasure to live together with them .

During the space of an half day  we have been  able to create not just a dinner but  lots of sweet memories ( as the yummy tiramisù made with Sardinian savoiardi biscuits 😋 ) to be kept  in our hearts forever ,because this kind of cooking class is not just to teach how to cook a dish it’s a way of sharing not only food but experiences, rituals from mother to daughter, memories from our  Tuscan childhood, our old culture based on top quality ingredients and easy receipes.

American ladies mixed their own experiences with ours with questions & helping Massimo to cook & prepearing the ingredients & then…tasting, enjoying the dinner on a  table in the garden overlooking a breathtaking view with a golden sunset over our glasses full of  Italian wine! 

The Texas’  flag was on the terrace in the Tuscan wind , to testimony the arrival  & the presence of a bunch of lovely  Texan  ladies to the conquest of one the  most beautiful  location in the Italian territory👏👏and they also conquested my heart ❤️

Think is not necessary  to tell you that we bacame friends after a couple of hours 😍🍷🍾

Such a great joy again for me , to share now with you here , my photos of that magical evening  as an American film played in Tuscany with Texan & Tuscan actresses & one only actor , the chef Massimo Gazzeri!

Enjoy life & carpe diem my friends❤️🍸🍾🍷🍝


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