Picturesque Pistoia

Thank you Debra for this great post about my beloved birthplace, Pistoia!!! look foreard to seeing you again here soon❤️😉💋☕️

Bagni di Lucca and Beyond

Pistoia doesn’t attract as many tourists as it should. It is a gorgeous medieval town with some stunning buildings. I have been several times and I love to wander the streets enjoying an authentic Italian city.

At the centre of town is Piazza del Duomo. There is something amazing to see on all sides, including the Duomo…


Above the entrance is a magnificent Della Robbia arch.




and Palazzo del Pretorio…


and this building, the name of which I don’t remember.

Wednesday and Saturday are market days when the streets bustle with shoppers.


I particularly like the food markets.


On the way to the markets we walked down a wonderful old street where the original shops with their display benches are still there.




The food shops in Pistoia are very inviting.


This restaurant called to me…next time.


A very popular place to meet for coffee or something delicious to eat is Le…

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11 thoughts on “Picturesque Pistoia

  1. Ciao, Miky. Please excuse me for coming to you via a follower of Debra’s blog, who suggested you might help me solve a little mystery from your city.

    I posted these 2 images from Pistoia on my blog, and had no idea what I was looking at! Can you help me, and my curious followers, with an explanation of what they are? (I really enjoyed a couple of visits to Pistoia when I stayed in Lucca.)

    Here’s hoping! Thank you. Yvonne


    1. Ciao Yvonne,
      thanks for your interest in my blog & in Pistoia😍❤️
      About your question : these are Pistoia’s noble families cots of arms ! I can tell you that the second one with the pork belongs to one of the most powerful family , the Cancellieri, it is located on the main door of the palace – a very big and beautiful one just on the corner of the street who takes its name from this family . I could tell you more about the first picture when I will be back home – at the present I am in Sardinia island -where I have a book with all the cots of arms of Pistoia’s noble families.
      When have you been to Pistoia? what did you enjoyed most?
      Hoping to see you in your next visit and have a cappuccino together, stay tuned and you will see nice photos of my city and my region😉👍😍

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      1. Thank you for taking time during your vacation, Miky! Sardinia, that’s a nice place to have a break.

        The last time I was in Pistoia was earlier this year. I went to admire the della Robbia on the restored facade of the Ospedale del Ceppo, and also did the tour underneath the hospital complex. So, I had an interesting few hours this time.

        I await your findings about the stemme, and will do another post to tell people what you discovered. Grazie!

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      2. Dear Yvonne, I checked on my book but couldn’t find the first arald with the monkey! I have been to the public library too to try to find out it on other books but couldn’t find anything with this animal symbol. Are you sure it was is Pistoia? do you remember where did you take that photo? near the pork one? The mistery is following….😂😂😂


      3. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble, Miky. You’re like Sherlock Holmes! Did you have a good holiday.

        I’m cross at myself for not taking photos that show what buildings they were on. All I know is that I was on my way to admire the ospedale.

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      4. Ahahah Yvonne😂😂😂a very bad detective I think😁😁but now I will follow your indications & let’s see if I find it & most of all , someone living there who could told me its meaning 😉

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