Enrico Baj Macario : a Count who produces regal wines in Chianti!


This is not just a traditional Tuscan wine estate in Chianti Classico district ,it is something different  : it’s a real experience in the wineyard  ,tasting  wine spilled directly from the barrel , smelling the grape inside the wood , have a ride on an old car from the Second World War among the vines , with the personal guidance of the owner Count Enrico Baj Macario  – his family has a long tradition as wine makers in Tuscany & in Italy  -his lovely wife Giulia and  Stefano who will lead you to  another different dimension.

Sipping  , smelling a glass of wine in the wineyard & breathing the Tuscan scents of the countryside around you …..the grass, the wild flowers , the olive grooves around  you , the frits trees around you & what a landscape….as living the dream  of belonging to  Tuscany , as being  part of a painting tailor made just for you!

Passion 4 wine , I could say , passion 4 authentic tastes & organic grape production for excellent wines : a very small production for top quality bottles of nectar , each one with the number of the vine & the owner ‘s  finger print on each label to prove its unique authenticity . Not only Chianti Classico but even Refosco Super Tuscan , spumante sparkling wine Sangiovese , Chianti Classico gran selezione & IGT .

If you like you can also adopt a vine & look after it personally or from away , ‘Bajering’ it’s the way Count Enrico  & Giulia called this : you can have your own wine  with your own label , name &visiting, following the growth of the grape… the same for the extra virgin olive oil! A great opportunity of enjoying Tuscany & its products as a new mecenate & with great satisfation.

Enjoy my photo now to meet the family & the beautiful  location!


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