MadeInPistoia: EllEmme ,   since 1968 Italian quality knitwear factory  

Have been invited to visit this Pistoia’s beautiful reality from a French client I met in my husband restaurant . So funny to get in touch with a Pistoia’s factory through a foreign !Mr  Jacques du  Mulin is ELLEMME ‘s agent for France since more than 20 years so he knows very well this factory & its story that he wanted to share it with me❤️🔝

This is  another #MADEINPISTOIA ‘s factory that produces entirely MADE IN ITALY ladies & men’s knitwears  , so rare to find  nowadays…When I was a teenager ( so, many years  ago 😬 )  everything I bought was made in Italy 🇮🇹  : from shoes, to bags ,to clothes & knitwear of course. Since about two decades I have to check everytime I buy something to see  where my shopping come from &bI am sorry to verify everytime that mostly it comes from Asian Countries.

I am still in  love with  Italian fashion style  & I really believe in our “know how “, our innate  taste for quality & the great experience of our family run small industry as EllEmme : opened in 1968 by  Rodolfo Risaliti & now run by Federico , his son & a young staff as Cristina & Lisa .

They export  almost everywhere in the world : not just in Europe but also in Canada, Japan , North Africa, Australia &  Taiwan offering an entirely Made in Italy product that speaks Italian starting from the yarn to the finished sweater.

I had the privilege to have a guided tour of the factory & to see Federico Lisa & Cristina at work choosing colours & material for the new collection and so here are my photos to show how , again , a family business can be a successful enterprise even nowadays in Tuscany & in the outskirts of Pistoia, Agliana town.

To know more & see some photos from their catalogue please visit  

& these are my pictures fir you!

Local is better not just  for food but even for fashion , what do you think about it? do you agree?👍😉🛍🛍

The founder Me Rolando Risaliti & his French agents, Cristina & Lisa , Ellemme’s designer & account manager staff
Details to be defined , by hand…
Cristina & Lisa : passion 4 their job!
Federico Risalti , Rolando’s son , & Cristina working at the new collection
The warehouse
How born a sweater : sweets & design!
Ready too be shipped around the world : MadeinPistoia forever!👏👏👏👏
The new younger line


9 thoughts on “MadeInPistoia: EllEmme ,   since 1968 Italian quality knitwear factory  

    1. Exactly Yvonne! It was in the past : now many factories closed & a Chinese community took their place…This is in Agliana – Pistoia’s district – on the way to Prato and entirely Made in Pistoia!😉👍

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