Pistoia , a must see but ..where is it?

Everybody speaking about Pistoia but I am sure you are wondering :  where is Pistoia?

in Tuscany, of course!

in the Norhtern part of it!

  close to many more popular and touristic cities  such as 

Florence 30 km

Lucca  50 km ,

about 67 km from Pisa (International airport )  just near the Appenine mountains  & surrounded by greenhouses filled with tall  & small trees 🌲 as you probably knew from my older posts my birthpalce is very wellknown for its nurseries plants industry exporting our “green” everywhere !

Close to the seaside  – on the Tyrrhenian sea – where you can go for a day trip even using  a direct train from Pistoia and enjoying the amazing view of the shining white  Carrara marble mountains overlooking the beach.

Close to the Abetone mountain :  where you can sky in the winter time and find many nice hotels and great landscapes for nice walks in the summer time.

If you want to stay in the city of Pistoia you will have the chance to see  not just lovely old stone façades  of historical palaces  to see from outside  but even interesting  museums to visit  such as  the original & unique….

“Embroidery museum – the art of embroidery in Pistoia & its territory “ with so many old & new  precious handmade embroideries included is a traditional special stitch “made in Pistoia” , the so called : “punto di Casale” !

what to say about the unmissable Archeological museum in a stunning underground  location just in the Duomo square ?

 or Fondazione  Marino Marini museum that takes its name from   the so called  “Italian Henri Moore ” with many  paintings and sculptures by this artist born in Pistoia ….

  & what about the PistoiaUnderground with its inner guided tour to discover a hidden  part of Pistoia just under the old  Del Ceppo Hospital founded in 1277 and its chirurgical old instruments museum with the smallest anphitheatre of the world that was an anathomic hall with beautiful frescoes on its walls?

Furthermore in the outskirts  you can easily find good wine producers where to stop by during your stay :  Chianti wine & dessert wine , extra virgin olive  oil to be tasted   by old farmhouses in the nearby.

Food, wine & lanscapes as only Tuscany hills can be: enchanting!

But the most topic thing here is ……that you can see an authentic Tuscan city with its small narrow streets, its simple lifestyle and the relaxing atmosphere of a quiet town , off the beaten track .

Pistoia’s people will welcome you in Italian , with just a little bit of English spoken but in  a very welcoming way that will make you feel confortable even if you don’t speak a word of Italian.

So…let’s plan a visit here , I am here, waiting for you!  

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